AMA XpertEye is a French company (based in Rennes) specializing in the development of connected device-based remote collaboration solutions. With a staff of 90 (including 35 R&D specialists), AMA now operates across Europe and North America via subsidiaries in Bucharest, London, Cologne and Boston. Our solutions are deployed in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Take your remote assistance, remote maintenance and quality control to the next level by sharing your vision and gestures with one or more geographically remote operators, whenever and wherever you want! Do you routinely need to share voice and vision with coworkers? Enter the Age of Industry 4.0 and learn how our solutions enhance remote assistance services by adding a new dimension: Assisted Reality.

XpertEye solutions make remote assistance simpler and more effective for users. They address the growing challenge of empowering organizations to “go digital” and unlock the productivity gains and competitiveness offered by Industry 4.0. Our feature-packed solutions facilitate your digital transformation, both online and offline.

We use end-to-end data encryption for your security and peace-of-mind. No data backups are made and our solutions are hosted on secure data servers.