About Arq


At Arq, we’re making better use of the world’s resources – we convert coal waste into oil products.


Our patented process transforms coal waste into high-value, low cost fuels ready for today’s market. Arq Fuels™ contain micro-fine hydrocarbons, with an average particle size of less than 5 microns in size, an industry-first, presenting a unique method for converting coal into oil products.


Arq is neither a mining nor an oil company; we take nothing out of the earth. We are an entech company, applying innovative thinking to unlock micro-fine, purified hydrocarbons from coal discard.


We’re transforming a huge environmental liability into a low-cost and abundant asset. Arq purified hydrocarbon products are a revolutionary source of energy for industry, power generation and transportation.


Arq. Energy unbound.


Arq is a private technology-led energy firm, based in London.

For more information see www.arq.com | 30A Brook Street, London W1K 5DJ