Boréalis’ SRM (Stakeholder Relationship Management) application helps organizations manage key stakeholders and secure their support to ensure success of their projects and operations.


Our powerful collaboration software allows any team to implement effective stakeholder engagement plans and mitigate project risks by making it easy to map and prioritize complex stakeholder relationships, record and monitor all engagements, issues, commitments, grievances and more. It also assists managers in their engagement strategy by providing insightful analysis, including numerous leading performance indicators (KPI) and trends on emerging issues.


How can Boréalis help you with your projects and operations?


–                      Enable efficient stakeholder engagement

–                      Help coordinate and prioritize field and operation teams’ activities

–                      Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements (ex.: IFC, Utility Boards)

–                      Produce efficient reporting on activities (who is doing what, where, when)

–                      Visualize stakeholders, assets, hot spots and rising issues with geo-localisation

–                      Generate institutional memory