The leading international geophysical exploration company providing sub-surface imagery solutions to the hard-rock mining industry, HiSeis’ innovative, turn-key seismic technology and proprietary knowledge enable it to deliver results in complex geological environments.

HiSeis applies 3D seismic exploration techniques in a wide range of near-mine environments to provide high-resolution imaging of geology from near-surface to kilometers deep allowing our partners to:
…generate drill targets
…compress the timeframe to discovery
…significantly enhance geological and geotechnical models
…add to mineral reserves
…improve life-of-mine planning
…reduce mining costs, and
…mitigate mine site risks.
As the only high-resolution geophysical exploration technique below a few hundred meters, seismic is an essential element of the hard-rock miner’s exploration toolkit.

Discover HiSeis’ case study library of seismic projects for the world’s largest miners at locations all across the globe.