Since 1996 KIMA Echtzeitsysteme is working in the field of high performance analogue and digital closed loop controls, innovative sensor systems and databases for processing industries.

With SmartFill KIMA worldwide set patterns regarding the precision and reliability of measuring the fill level of ball mills. Based on the great results received with the SmartFill system KIMA developed it’s predictive expert system SmartControl. This software tool has a modular structure and enables plants to use their own strategy for controlling nearly every industrial process.

With MillMaster KIMA created a specialized version of this software tool for closed loop control of grinding circuits. MillMaster comes along with different technology modules (e.g. for ball mills, SAG mills, vertical roller mills, roller presses etc.) developed by KIMA and based on it’s great experience with optimization of grinding processes.

The central idea and main target of KIMA is the optimisation of industrial process towards more efficiency, more productivity and less environmental pollution at the same time.

SmartFill – The solution for a precise and reliable fill level measurement of ball mills

In contrast to all existing classical methods of ball mills’ fill level measurement SmartFill is the only system which measures the sound directly where it occurs: on the mill shell.

SmartFill provides plants with information which have not been available yet and thus SmartFill comes along which a great bundle of advantages:

  • Interference free measurement – No influences from other mills or machines nearby.
  • Significantly enhanced precision of measurement.
  • Reliable and precise measurement of the fill level of both chambers absolutely independent from each other.
  • More stable operation of the ball mill possible and thus enhanced throughput, less wearout and more even product quality (fineness).
  • Self-powered system due to integrated generator -> No mill stop necessary for changing any batteries.

SmartControl – The predictive expert system to operate industrial processes with own control strategies

SmartControl comes along with more than 120 blocks (e.g. digital filters, bit-field manipulations, programmable blocks (if, then else), classical closed loop controls (PI, PID), free programmable calculation blocks).

MillMaster – Predictive control of grinding processes

MillMaster controls grinding circuits – fully automated and if necessary also unattended.

Keeping the fill level at an optimum level constantly leads to smooth operation which significantly results in less wearout and a more homogeneous product. Furthermore the production increases while the specific energy consumption decreases.

The integration of MillMaster is possible in every automation system. MillMaster easily gets connected via a standard interface (OPC) and optimises the process without changing the formerly existing control system. Due to this the old control could be reactivated immediately at any time.

Pre designed technology modules are available for nearly every important component, e.g.:

  • Vertical mills
  • SAG mills
  • Ball mills
  • Roller presses
  • Separators
  • and much more

Due to it’s modular design, the customizability and it’s extensive bundle of functionalities, MillMaster provides a lot of great advantages for grinding facilities:

  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Increased production
  • Improved product fineness
  • Less wearout
  • Higher facility availability
  • Reduced maintenance costs


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