Razor Labs is an AI solutions leader with a global client base. Razor Labs’ goal is to solve complex business and operational challenges for organizations, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning in particular) in order to help organizations in their journey to the future, maximizing ROI from AI.

Razor Labs has completed over 55 successful projects with its clients including worldwide tier 1 mining companies. Razor Labs is an official professional service partner of NVIDIA in its most exclusive partnership program including only 24 partners worldwide and the only one in Israel, the Middle East & Australia.

Razor Labs solutions:

DataMind Predict (DMP): a break-through in preventative maintenance and improved equipment utilization. Its novel and unique Deep Neural Networks provide unprecedented advanced warning for equipment malfunctions, for up to 14 days. Razor Labs’ advanced Explainability algorithms specify and clarify the main reasons for the malfunction to enable remedial and preventive actions.

Data Mind Optimize (DMO): Super-human autopilot that recommends on the optimal configuration in real time thus optimizing any process according to the KPIs the customer defines. DataMind Optimize is being used in a number of mines, factories, ports and transport operations.

VisualMind: a video analytics platform that uses deep learning algorithms to detect, classify and analyze any video in real time while issuing actionable alerts and generating automatic reports to increase business KPIs.

AI Innovation: Tailor made solutions for any business/operational use case/pain point utilizing computer vision, GPR analytics, LIDAR analytics and more.