Reality Check

Reality Check are the Virtual Reality platform built to empower the entire mining industry with the tools of VR.

We bring your asset to the global investor community using a Virtual Reality platform that is optimised to deliver deeply immersive, highly engaging, on demand tours of your asset, augmented with relevant information in situ, to a global investor audience.

We deliver the opportunity for unlimited scaling of site visits with minimal disruption to operations, risk or cost.

Our flexible platform means the tour can be updated as your asset and its needs evolve.

We operate a modular business model, so you, the asset owner, can have a tour production package that is accessible and fit for purpose on VR, Desktop and Mobile devices.

Johnny van Eeghen, backed by members of the natural resources investor community, started Reality Check after more than ten years of working in the financial services and as a broker raising capital for the natural resources sector.

Go to to download our tour viewer software and have a look at the example tour of Dolaucothi Gold Mine in West Wales.