Silixa Ltd., based in London and with offices in the United States, delivers distributed fibre optic monitoring solutions on both new and existing cable installations with the highest levels of accuracy in the industry. Applying the power of distributed acoustic (iDAS™ and Carina® Sensing System) and distributed temperature sensing technologies (ULTIMA™ DTS, XT-DTS), the company provides a continuous stream of data that delivers a wide range of products to several industrial sectors to improve performance, reduce operational costs and extend the lifespan of any asset.


Silixa’s non-intrusive process metering technology has been successfully applied in the mining sector. This novel metering system enables flow distribution monitoring throughout an entire plant, mine, or oilfield environment simply by using a single length of fibre optic cable installed on process pipes.


The non-intrusive flow metering system functions by measuring the speed at which turbulent flow vortices move through the pipe. It can be installed on-the-fly, without disrupting process flow or requiring costly calibration. The system is compatible with liquid, gas, slurry, organic, reagent and multiphase flows.